I'm Sari Sariola

A comics artist
and illustrator

About me.

I’m a comic artist and illustrator based in Finland.

I have made a long career in illustration, graphic design and web design. The past years I’ve mainly focused on making comics. If you ask me why all of this, I’ll just tell you that everything is connected and start designing a multimedia comic.

My main project is the Witch-Crafty comic that is on it’s way to becoming a book and something extraordinary. In the past year I has also co-written and colored the webcomic Fenlands with Tuomas Myllylä.

I share my life with a non-traditional family of creative people, plants and so many pets that everyone has lost count.

My Works.

Here you can find my most recent and relevant work. From comics to web design, it’s all here.

something to say

The Blog.

Zineton 2020

A zine I made for Zineton 2020. Sadly this one is only in finnish. It’s about my old dogs and the one that joined our family right around the time of making this.