Tiedän olevani seksuaalinen - I know that I am sexual

comic book

“I know that I am sexual” is part two of a three part graphic novel by Sari Sariola. The first book deals with the subjects of body neutrality and mental health while this volume is about sexuality in general. From the point of view of an obese person.

Sex isn’t supposed to be an acrobatic feature, but it can be when you’re overweight and can’t lift your legs up behind your head or roll over on command. It has also been studied extensively is obesity and sexual drive, or lack there of, go hand in hand.

The first part of the graphic novel is coming out in March 2023 at the Tampere Kuplii comic festival. The two remaining parts will be out respectively in 2024 and 2025. All are published by Zum Teufel.